The Sonnets Code Deciphered

The Sonnets Dedication

In 2019 Alexander Waugh (the grandson of the author Evelyn Waugh) finally deciphered the cryptic message left in the Sonnet’s dedication which revealed that Edward de Vere’s body was exhumed from its original grave in Hackney and later laid alongside that of Edmund Spenser in Poet’s Corner at Westminster Cathedral. A ground penetrating radar investigation into Shakespeare’s grave in Stratford revealed the absence of any physical remains. We are now left with several unanswered questions with regard to the authorship controversy as well as other matters and where it will go in the future. Waugh’s startling discovery that the title page dedication, when decoded using a 19×8 grid which includes the publisher’s initials (TT) reveals the actual location of the burial of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford on the floor plan of Westminster Abbey at Poet’s Corner alongside the Queen’s poet Edmund Spenser. Clearly revealing the words DE VERE LIES HERE.

The Dedication Code Superimposed over the Nave of Westminster Abbey

Also highlighted are the words EVER-LIVING SONNET POET as well as the word “FORTH”(TT) suggesting that Edward de Vere’s body lies in the space afforded by the 4th TT (being the last), the actual location of his tomb. As the evidence for the Oxfordian view accumulates annually one is tempted to ask how will it affect the tourist industry at Stratford-upon-Avon and when will the Royal Shakespeare Trust, Stratford Birthplace Trust as well as the Royal Shakespeare Company recognise Edward de Vere as the true author of Shakespeare’s plays. How does it affect the true line of accession of the Royal family today? Are any of Shakespeare’s original manuscripts still extant and who has them in their possession? Who should have succeeded to the throne of England after the death of Elizabeth Tudor? Why was this grand literary fraud allowed to occur, who planned it and for what purpose? And more importantly will public houses named in honour of the Bard have to change their name as a result of this catastrophic revelation?

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