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Qudos Academy is a non-profit organisation or website dedicated in some degree to supporting the Oxfordian view that Edward de Vere, the 17th Earl of Oxford was the author of the 1623 “Shakespeare” Folio of plays. It does not support the general or common view that a farmer’s lad from Stratford-upon-Avon was the poet and playwright “William Shakespeare”or that he was the author of the 1623 Folio. On the contrary and with the evidence to support the view that Will Shakspere was the “pseudonymous shadow” for the Earl of Oxford’s own personal anonymity. However, the website combined with a profile on Academia is presently publishing articles, papers and essays on a variety of other related subjects. Among them are Tudor Histories, Shakespeare’s Almanack, The Shakespeare Authorship Question, Shakespeare’s Plays & Poetry, Magic, Myth & Folklore, and Shakespeare’s Tarot. The latter combining two related interests the plays and poetry of William Shakespeare and the divination system known as Tarot.

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In the early part of my career I have worked extensively in media, the arts and theatre as an innovative set designer and in my spare time as an environmental conservationist then under the guidance of my mentor, Thomas Hood of Portland, Oregon, USA much later took on a role as an investigative journalist and commentator on the Shakespeare Authorship Controversy. Over thirty years of research finally led to the construction of a free website at point of access:

I naturally support the view of the Shakespeare Oxford Fellowship and the De Vere Society that Edward de Vere was the anonymous author of the entire canon of literary work published under the pseudonym “William Shakespeare”. To illustrate this view I have published a screenplay entitled “Not Without Mustard” which with the aid of Shakespearean texts and other 16th century documents, reports and letters describes the life and times of Edward de Vere: See: “Not Without Mustard” or the “True Lamentable Tragedy of Edward de Vere” is a screenplay devised by Leonidas Kazantheos by selecting the text of “Shakespeare’s plays” and reconstructing them in such a way as to illustrate the life events of Edward de Vere, the anonymous author of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry.

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