Origins & History of Tarot:
Poetry Analysis:
Shakespeare’s Literary Sources:

A Rural Calendar: 
The latest in my series of articles entitled “A Rural Calendar” which month by month explores the significance of customs and traditions practised by the inhabitants of the British Isles in the past.

Group Dynamics & the Enneagram:
My recent paper outlining the forces, personalities and elements that distinguish positive and negative group activity and thought.

Shakespeare’s Astrology:
Shakespeare’s references to astrology and their relevance in Elizabethan England.

Music, Song & Dance:
Shakespeare’s references to the “Music of the Spheres”, his philosophical and religious views found in his plays and poetry.

Shakespearean Drama:
How was Elizabethan drama originally conceived and developed and how does it differ from today’s attempts at staging Shakespeare’s Dramas?

“Shakespeare’s Cornucopia”:
The Literary Sources, Dramatic Structures and Synopses of Shakespeare’s Plays.

Shakespeare’s Tarochi:
A series of posts that compares the 22 Tarot Trumps to the plays of William Shakespeare

“De-Coding Shakespeare”:
In Henry IVth Part One and in Henry Vth, the real life circumstances of an anonymous author and pseudonymous playwright.

“Shakespeare’s Almanack:
An alternative view of the Festive, Calendrical & Seasonal Cycle of Elizabethan Plays.