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The Origins And Evolution Of Tarot Keys

One of the major influence in the development and design of Tarot cards was the Egyptian Book of the Dead which reaches back into the mists of Time (at least 4,000 years old) and extracts of which were available at the British Museum where McGregor Mathers and Arthur Edward Waite spent most of their years…

The Drama Triangle in Fairy Tales

According to numerous psychoanalysts and child psychologists, particularly in the sphere of Transactional Analysis, fairy tales have a hidden structure in terms of characters, narrative, location and events that can be ingeniously unravelled using the so-called “Dynamics of the Drama Triangle”. This consists of three specific roles defined as “Saviour” or rescuer, “Victim” and “Persecutor”…

Oedipus, Eros & Psyche

It has often been said that the child is father to the man, meaning that within the mind of the child, that is; in its most formative experiences such as its relationships with its parents, siblings, friends and relatives actually formulate and determine much of its’ happiness and satisfaction in later life. However, to understand…

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