She Loves Me Knot

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Knot…?

No doubt as we approach the “cheesy fest of Valentine’s Day” most single people will be looking at the possibility of finding the ideal partner. The field of astrology concerned with the compatibility of marriage partners is called “Synastry” and various aspects of this field have been developed over the years although they have long been used in Hindu and Chinese societies in line with their own systems of Astrology. Synastry is actually the astrological study of human relationships, a term used to denote geometric alignments of planetary bodies between two or more separate zodiac charts giving rise to mutual or antipathetic aspects. This term is now used to define a type of astrological analysis employed in determining the compatibility of those wishing to have long term relationships. Essentially it is a method employed for comparing 2 charts and noting the critical factors which may give them negative and positive interaction. The trines between the planets Mars and Venus or the Sun and Moon in the charts of couples is one of the most popular ways of assessing mutual empathy. However, on closer analysis more permanent relationships tend to be formed when their Sun or Moon is conjunct, in square or in an opposition aspect, in effect the tension or harmony created by these traditionally difficult aspects keeps the relationship alive so to speak. Many astrologers who employ traditional western astrology in synastry tend to compare the positive relationships between the 12 sun-signs when making their diagnosis. Unfortunately, this approach is totally without any foundation because it is better to adopt a more polarised view when examining two charts and their ascendant or moon signs for mutual compatibility. The Moon (in the case of a man) and the Sun (in the case of a woman), together with the ascendant are equally important factors in synastry as well as factors specifically related to the 7th house. Furthermore, it is the negative aspects and conditions which should be examined rigorously if a correct result is to be obtained. When a relationship is “on the rocks” it is always the “dirt” which has to be acknowledged, so it is always better to be circumspect before rather than after a relationship has developed, otherwise it will always end in tears and regret. Before examining the techniques employed to determine compatibility it seems expedient to consider the 12 zodiacal archetypes in a sexual and matrimonial context and what their chief characteristics and responses are when it comes to seduction, foreplay and commitment in relationships.

Arcane Systems of Synastry:

When determining synastry between couples a comprehensive knowledge of various systems of astrology is extremely useful. Prior to the extensive knowledge developed astrological systems mankind relied on very basic yet well functioning systems. The Chinese system for example used the Jupiter cycles aligned to seasonal or solar activity and other elemental and other intrinsic numerical systems such as Nine Star Ki Astrology. Primarily, because each system, no matter how complex is undoubtedly marred by inconsistencies and contradictions in life it is worth cross-referencing for absolute and certain results. In many cases if one particular system denotes good compatibility, another will suggest quite the contrary. Cross referencing these different systems is also helpful particularly in difficult cases where forming and maintaining relationships has been difficult. One particular system from Tibet suggests the time of the year that people were born has some effect on their suitability as partners. Another system from arcane astrology suggests that the day of the week you were born on can often influence the choice of the perfect partner, and yet another suggests that the planetary hour in which you were born or the position of the Lunar phase had some relevance to mutual synastry between couples. To sum up therefore, within the vast spectrum known today of reliable systems of astrological synastry there is Tropical Astrological Synastry, with all its different planetary sexual types, Chinese Elemental Synastry of the 12 animal signs, Basic Elemental Synastry (Fire, Air Water & Earth), Zodiacal Sun Sign Synastry (12 Signs), the planetary Hour Synastry, Day of the Week Synastry, and the Hindu Lunar Asterism Synastry (Lunar mansions), not to mention other numerological/elemental systems and the compatibility of various psychological/sexual types based on psychotherapeutic models. An ancient rhyme declares that there are facial characteristics determined by the day on which each child is born:

Monday’s Child is fair of face,
Tuesday’s child is full of grace
Wednesday’s child is full of woe,
Thursday’s child has far to go
Friday’s child is loving and giving
Saturday’s child works hard for their living
And the child that was born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.

Is actually an ancient astrological system from Chaldean times based largely on the 7th harmonic, from which these correspondences arise;

Known today as Soul Ray Compatibility and still practised by the nomadic Romany peoples:

The assignment of days of the week in which two couples are born with each day and hour being ruled by a particular planet gives a very simple method of calculating compatibility between different zodiac signs. The arcane system of correspondences is as follows:

Why Roses are Red and Violets are Blue

Monday’s Child:

Those born on a Monday are ruled by the Moon and correspond indirectly to the zodiac sign of Cancer, the Crab and naturally express qualities associated with that sign. Women born on this day are changeable, fickle and keep their feelings to themselves, while men are by nature soulful and easy-going which other women find attractive. There will be conflicts between security and freedom in relationships. These types are never what they appear to be on the surface. There can be a great deal of passion and attraction when in love with someone born on Tuesday, but more favourable with a Scorpio type than an Arian since the passion can often die down revealing little empathy or understanding. Despite the danger of constant bickering nevertheless a one night stand of hot sex with an Aries type is okay but certainly not as a permanent relationship. With someone born on a Wednesday there is the possibility of a fruitful potential with a Virgoan type but some apathy or indifference with the unreliable Gemini types. In this instance a lot would depend on other factors in the natal chart. A relationship with someone born on Thursday is better than a Wednesday or Tuesday but certain problems could still emerge. Since fire and water are a dangerous combination, the Sagittarius types could prove challenging with differences of opinion upsetting the apple cart. The Piscean types are more favourable but there is always the danger of resentful moods and secret intrigues destroying the relationship. A relationship with someone born on a Friday is an excellent combination despite the fact that there may be the occasional tiff, particularly with the stubborn Taurean types, while the diplomatic Librans will always try to make the peace. A relationship with someone born on a Saturday is also quite good so long as the Monday’s child is prepared to let the Saturnine type whether a Capricorn or Aquarian to rule the roost. Another good combination is finding someone born on a Sunday since the qualities of the Sun and Moon naturally concur, the latter reflecting qualities and the former radiating personal qualities. However, the Monday types will tend to be passive or domesticated, stay at home types while the Sun types will want to be active, out and about where all the admiration and excitement is. If there is enough trust and respect for each other then this combination can work extremely well.

Tuesday’s Child:

Those born on a Tuesday are ruled by Mars or Pluto and correspond indirectly to the zodiac sign of Aries, the Ram or Scorpio the Scorpion and naturally express qualities associated with those signs. Intuitive, active passionate, competitive and often bad-tempered when they don’t get their own way, are not in charge or not in control. A good combination for someone with such a masculine tendency is someone born on a Wednesday since the fire of Mars is complemented by the airy quality of Mercury. A Scorpio type would be suited to the Virgoan and an Arian to the Gemini respectively. If they have a relationship with someone born on a Thursday however, there is likely to be some difference of opinion regarding who the boss is or what direction the affair should take, but this is still a good combination since practical and philosophical principles would unite if both partners can appreciate each other’s innate perspective. A relationship with someone born on a Friday could be a personality clash although there would of course be a lot of physical attraction initially. If those born on a Friday can take a back seat to the Martian individual then all would proceed well or if they can live with not always getting their own way. If other factors dictate this could be the classic love-hate relationship. If Tuesday’s child falls for a Saturday child there id bound to be frustration, tears and some element of conflict. Nevertheless there is some natural affinity since the Aries and Scorpio types create some excitement and fun while the Saturnian types bring some element of stability and reassurance.

Wednesday’s Child

Those born on a Wednesday are ruled by Mercury and correspond indirectly to the zodiac sign of Gemini, the Twins or Virgo the Virgin and naturally express various qualities associated with those signs. Wednesday’s child tends to be flirtatious, exciting and gregarious although something of a social butterfly. Relationships in their life may come and go with little or no real concern as well as any agreements or arrangements they make. However, the older and more mature types will be more practical and considerate. A relationship with someone born on a Thursday is likely to be unpredictable and stormy to say the least. A relationship with someone born on a Friday is no better either since heart and mind will be in total conflict. Furthermore, a relationship with someone born on a Saturday, although not totally unworkable will cause considerable distress and limitation. One of the best combinations for them is someone born on a Sunday, that is if Wednesday’s child doesn’t get too critical or envious of their partner. A relationship with someone born on a Monday may prove neutral or ineffective if issues on a deeper level are not fully and mutually addressed. Finally, a relationship with someone born on a Tuesday is a good combination since the fire of Mars is well complemented by the airy quality of Mercury found in Virgoan or Gemini types.

Thursday’s Child

Those born on a Thursday are ruled by Jupiter and correspond indirectly to the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, the Archer or Pisces the Fishes and naturally express various qualities associated with those zodiac signs. However, the diametric influence of fire and water need mutual support from air and earth respectively to be productive. People born on a Thursday tend to be optimistic, free-wheeling, out-spoken and open-minded. With the Sagittarian and Piscean types there is a combination of creativity and mystical involvement with often flippant or deep emotions respectively. There will be love of travel, freedom and self-indulgence. If they were to form a relationship with someone born on a Friday there will be initial admiration and filial love comparable to any God or Goddess from mythology. However, in the long term the rose-tinted glasses will fall off and each partner is likely to suffer some deep disappointment. If they were to form a relationship with someone born on a Saturday there will be some mutual attraction and repulsion since there will be regular tiffs, break-ups, that are then followed by kiss and make-up. If a relationship occurs with someone born on a Sunday there will be some mutual understanding but there will also be competition between who does what and when. There will naturally need to be some give and take or Thursday’s child will go into a sulk. This combination often suggests difference in social class, profession or vocational interests. An enlightened perspective is also necessary if they were to form a relationship with someone born on a Monday, since the Jupiterean would place emphasis on variety of experience and Monday’s child would provide the emotional fulfilment. A deeply emotional relationship is likely with someone born on a Tuesday but it would still necessitate some understanding and compromise to work in the long term. Finally, a rather complex stormy relationship will evolve and probably dissipate acrimoniously with someone born on a Wednesday.

Friday’s Child

Those born on a Friday are ruled by Venus and correspond indirectly to the zodiac signs of Taurus, the Bull or Libra the Scales and naturally express various qualities associated with those zodiac signs. People born on Friday tend to be idealistic yet practical and need to be in a relationship in order to be fulfilled. They are generous, gentle, loving and caring who know what they want and how to get it. They might also have an interest in the arts, literature or romance. If they were to form a relationship with someone born on a Saturday expect one of the best possible combinations although they may appear different or represent the archetypal odd couple. Friday’s child would supply the inspiration and emotional support while Saturday’s child the practical means and financial support to attain any mutual goals. A relationship with someone born on a Sunday is also well aspected as long as problems from the past do not resurface to mar the deeply loving side of either partner. In this match there is a tendency for Friday’s child to be dependent and for the Sunday’s child to become too self-indulgent. A really good easy-going match could be found with someone born on a Monday although there might be occasional disagreements, or perhaps not enough enthusiasm and challenges to keep each partner on their toes. An unfavourable match would be found with someone born on a Tuesday, and although passionate this is not an enduring relationship. Similarly, although accompanied by some initial fatal attraction, with someone born on a Wednesday it will be brief, unworkable and contentious in most areas. Finally, if a relationship was formed with someone born on a Thursday an idealised love-match, apparently made in heaven, would soon become a living hell for both partners.

Saturday’s Child

Those born on a Saturday are ruled by Saturn and correspond indirectly to the zodiac signs of Capricorn, the Goat or Aquarius the Water-Bearer and naturally express qualities associated with those signs. Saturday’s child is stable, pragmatic, ambitious, hardworking and somewhat reserved in attitude. These people are cautious, deep thinking individuals who lack artifice, pretence or flamboyance and generally they enjoy routine and are on the whole quite predictable. Saturday’s child does not generally get on with Sunday’s child and a union between these types is doomed to failure. However, although there may be a difference in age or social standing a union with someone born on a Monday is well aspected. As long as Saturday’s child can dominate Monday’s child all will be hunky dory. A disastrous, often violent combination may occur with someone born on a Tuesday, although opposites attract there is sure to be conflict with this combination. With someone born on a Wednesday there may not be enough sincerity, co-operation or loyalty to sustain this type of relationship. Similarly with someone born on a Thursday there would be considerable difference of opinion if not some deep-seated animosity. The best match for Saturday’s child is Friday’s child since Venus and Saturn are well aspected one partner may be older than the other but each would supply what the other lacked.

Sunday’s Child

Those born on a Sunday are ruled by the Sun and correspond indirectly to the zodiac sign of Leo, the Lion and naturally express qualities associated with that sign. People born on a Sunday are creative, radiant personalities who are nevertheless prone to egocentricity, relying on admiration or recognition. They enjoy going out, the company of others and like to participate in many outdoor/sporting activities. They also like to rule the roost and ideally, have things their own way so it is important for them to find a passive partner. They may get along quite well with those born on a Monday as long as their partner is not too moody, fickle or indecisive. A rather good match will also be found with someone born on a Tuesday since the fire of Mars and the radiance of the Sun are in harmony. Care should be taken not to have everything their way as Martians like to take the lead occasionally. Another excellent type of relationship would occur with someone born on a Wednesday, if the Virgoan types were not too critical. A rather confronting or challenging relationship with someone born on a Thursday. A deeply emotional but not without some sorrow or neglect with someone born on a Friday. Finally, a fatally flawed relationship with someone born on a Saturday.

Additionally, in cases when both partners are born on the same day then it is necessary to compare the planetary hour they were born on and make the necessary analysis and deductions from the following table:

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