The Emperor

(ARIES) DOMINION: (North/East) Esoteric Titles:The Lord of PowerChief of the Mighty OnesThe Conquering MagnateSon of the New Morning The 4th card of the Major Arcana is the embodiment of the masculine principle and usually assigned to the planet Mars. However, it also denotes that any action has in principle and cause an equal reaction andContinue reading “The Emperor”

The Empress

Numerical Significance 0-22: It has already been shown, and now largely taken for granted, that the 22 cards and their gestalt images correspond to the 22 letters of the Etruscan and Jewish alphabets. In retrospect one might even find this idea itself remarkable as well as puzzling, if we did not in many respects takeContinue reading “The Empress”

The High Priestess

(2. MOON-SATURN) SOUL MYSTERIES: (Below) Esoteric Titles:The ESSENCE of GloryPOLARITY is a fundamental LAW of NATUREThe Priestess of the Silver StarThe Virgin QueenThe Unifying Intelligence. In this card, the Fool (the subject of my previous post) encounters an older, wiser woman, perhaps one in her late prime, sitting at a throne with two monumental pillarsContinue reading “The High Priestess”

The Fool

0 The Fool: IGNORANCE: (Above to Below) (AIR) Esoteric Titles:The Lord of MisruleThe Green ManThe Fool on the Hill “He who persists in his folly becomes Wise” – William Blake Ignorance, as we all know, can be bliss and sometimes a folly to be too openly wise. But how long can any human being sustainContinue reading “The Fool”

The Magician

1 The Magus:(Mercury) MAGICAL SCIENCE: (Above)Esoteric Titles:The Royal Path of LifeThe Crown of UnderstandingThe Powers of the MagusThe Way of Wisdom & Folly The first card of the Tarot depicts a man standing at an altar or table, wearing a cloak decorated with a green ouroboros or serpent eating its own tail. In his rightContinue reading “The Magician”

The Magic Nine Layout

I’m fairly sure even if you are relatively new to the study of Tarot Symbolism you will have seen the “Magic Nine” layout and can appreciate how useful it is particularly in Alchemical symbolism much of which is employed in the traditional Rider Waite deck. Unfortunately this deck has been changed slightly by the publishersContinue reading “The Magic Nine Layout”