Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?

For well over 200 years academics and literary analysts have been at loggerheads over the two major versions of Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus” (the A, radical-quarto printed 1604) and the later 1616 edition (B, conservative-quarto) entitled simply “Doctor Faustus”. The first was registered at the Stationer’s Office on January 7thContinue reading “Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?”

Shakespeare the Swordsman

In a series of articles I have been taking on the myriad aspects of Shakespeare’s personality, the depth of his knowledge and whether the Stratford Shakespeare had as much prolific knowledge to write the plays attributed to him. One peculiarity about the author of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry is the fact, taken partly from theContinue reading “Shakespeare the Swordsman”

“Oh! But What’s In A Name?”

There are now over 4,000 distinct fields of study and analysis regarding Shakespeare and his literary works including in summary the text itself, its transmission, its performance, the elucidation, chronology, printing, textual analysis, dating, literary sources, biography, psychology, mentality, literary and linguistic techniques, syntax, musical and theatrical devices, punctuation, rhyme, versification, reading and grammar, vocabulary,Continue reading ““Oh! But What’s In A Name?””