“Not Without Mustard”

“Or, the True, Lamentable Tragedy of Edward de Vere” A Screenplay by Leonidas Kazantheos In six months time, that is sometime in the year 2023 many theatres and literary and media institutions will probably be celebrating or commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the publication of William Shakespeare’s 1623 Folio of Romances, Tragedies, Comedies and Histories.Continue reading ““Not Without Mustard””

The Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

“He who desires to understand Shakespeare truly must understand the relations in which Shakespeare stood to the Renaissance and the Reformation, to the age of Elizabeth and the age of James; he must be familiar with the history of the struggle for supremacy between the old classical forms and the new spirit of romance, betweenContinue reading The Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

The Month of June

The gypsy folk of times past often said that when there was no “R” in the month then it was “safe” to eat pork, how true this is has yet to be verified even by Brewers’ Phrase & Fable. However, it certainly indicates how familiar they were with the old Judaic and Muslim taboos andContinue reading “The Month of June”

Shakespeare’s “She Wolves” Part Two:

Jeanne D’Arc or Joan, the Original and Presumptuous… The second in my series of Shakespeare’s “She Wolves” I have featured Joan of Arc who was burnt at the stake in France in 1431. In his 1925 book of his play, “Saint Joan: A Chronicle Play in Six Scenes and an Epilogue”, the author, playwright andContinue reading “Shakespeare’s “She Wolves” Part Two:”

Commendations & Dedications to Edward de Vere:

It is widely assumed that William Shakespeare was born and died on St. George’s Day, the 23rd of April. However, this too is a misapprehension on behalf of the majority of conventional scholars and so-called authorities on William Shakespeare’s birth credentials. During the Elizabethan era and well before that England employed the Julian calendar whichContinue reading “Commendations & Dedications to Edward de Vere:”

Shakespeare’s Apothecary

Among those specialised subjects that William Shakespeare had some unusual interest in is the medical, herbal and anatomical knowledge which would only have been of concern or become known to a qualified physician, doctor or apothecary of the time. However, like many other specialised topics frequently indulged in by “England’s Bard”, the medical and anatomicalContinue reading “Shakespeare’s Apothecary”

Shakespeare the Swordsman

In a series of articles I have been taking on the myriad aspects of Shakespeare’s personality, the depth of his knowledge and whether the Stratford Shakespeare had as much prolific knowledge to write the plays attributed to him. One peculiarity about the author of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry is the fact, taken partly from theContinue reading “Shakespeare the Swordsman”

“Oh! But What’s In A Name?”

There are now over 4,000 distinct fields of study and analysis regarding Shakespeare and his literary works including in summary the text itself, its transmission, its performance, the elucidation, chronology, printing, textual analysis, dating, literary sources, biography, psychology, mentality, literary and linguistic techniques, syntax, musical and theatrical devices, punctuation, rhyme, versification, reading and grammar, vocabulary,Continue reading ““Oh! But What’s In A Name?””

“Clues to Shakespeare, the Man”

By a bizarre twist of fate, that is just after I had finished publishing my book and then turned around to write a screenplay about the life of Edward de Vere (“Not Without Mustard”), my film editor told me that he had just edited a 10 minute short film about William Shakespeare for a musicianContinue reading ““Clues to Shakespeare, the Man””