The “Four Worlds” in Qaballah

The Greek Tectractys is a symbolic arrangement of 10 points, on 4 levels incorporated into astrological symbolism from Pythagorean and Gnostic schools which includes alphabetical and numerical attributes from Hebrew, Greek and Latin sources. Each level denotes an elemental attribute, from fire, air, water, and earth. However, the total of the numbers assigned to theContinue reading “The “Four Worlds” in Qaballah”

The “Neo-Platonic Magic” of Shakespeare

In her book “The Occult Philosophy of the Elizabethan Age” (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979) the occultist and author, Frances Yates suggests that the works of Shakespeare are derived from the prevailing ideas and concepts of Christian Caballists seeking an evolved and deeper meaning to Biblical teaching. This evolved philosophy was intended to convert MuslimsContinue reading “The “Neo-Platonic Magic” of Shakespeare”

Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?

For well over 200 years academics and literary analysts have been at loggerheads over the two major versions of Christopher Marlowe’s play “The Tragicall History of Doctor Faustus” (the A, radical-quarto printed 1604) and the later 1616 edition (B, conservative-quarto) entitled simply “Doctor Faustus”. The first was registered at the Stationer’s Office on January 7thContinue reading “Who Killed Christopher Marlowe?”