The Emperor

(ARIES) DOMINION: (North/East) Esoteric Titles:The Lord of PowerChief of the Mighty OnesThe Conquering MagnateSon of the New Morning The 4th card of the Major Arcana is the embodiment of the masculine principle and usually assigned to the planet Mars. However, it also denotes that any action has in principle and cause an equal reaction andContinue reading “The Emperor”

The High Priestess

(2. MOON-SATURN) SOUL MYSTERIES: (Below) Esoteric Titles:The ESSENCE of GloryPOLARITY is a fundamental LAW of NATUREThe Priestess of the Silver StarThe Virgin QueenThe Unifying Intelligence. In this card, the Fool (the subject of my previous post) encounters an older, wiser woman, perhaps one in her late prime, sitting at a throne with two monumental pillarsContinue reading “The High Priestess”

The Polar Myth & the Cosmic Aeons in Human Evolution

Our Universe, very much like own solar system is like a “cosmic galactic wheel” and its’ cycles have caused mankind to measure these periods of Time and Space and reflect on their significance to human evolution and to significant events on Earth. The Great Ages of the World have been defined by numerous cultures andContinue reading “The Polar Myth & the Cosmic Aeons in Human Evolution”

The Origins And Evolution Of Tarot Keys

One of the major influence in the development and design of Tarot cards was the Egyptian Book of the Dead which reaches back into the mists of Time (at least 4,000 years old) and extracts of which were available at the British Museum where McGregor Mathers and Arthur Edward Waite spent most of their yearsContinue reading “The Origins And Evolution Of Tarot Keys”

The “Four Worlds” in Qaballah

The Greek Tectractys is a symbolic arrangement of 10 points, on 4 levels incorporated into astrological symbolism from Pythagorean and Gnostic schools which includes alphabetical and numerical attributes from Hebrew, Greek and Latin sources. Each level denotes an elemental attribute, from fire, air, water, and earth. However, the total of the numbers assigned to theContinue reading “The “Four Worlds” in Qaballah”

The “Neo-Platonic Magic” of Shakespeare

In her book “The Occult Philosophy of the Elizabethan Age” (Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979) the occultist and author, Frances Yates suggests that the works of Shakespeare are derived from the prevailing ideas and concepts of Christian Caballists seeking an evolved and deeper meaning to Biblical teaching. This evolved philosophy was intended to convert MuslimsContinue reading “The “Neo-Platonic Magic” of Shakespeare”

“The Way of the Warrior”

Personal Enlightenment: “Enlightenment is real, and each one of us, whoever we are, can in the right circumstances and with the right training realise the nature of mind and so know in us what is deathless and eternally real. This is the promise of all mystical traditions in the world, and it is being fulfilledContinue reading “The Way of the Warrior”

Group Dynamics & the Enneagram:

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff defined the Enneagram as follows:“Speaking in general terms it must be understood that the enneagram is a universal symbol, therefore all knowledge can be contained within the diagram and consequently it can also be interpreted. Only what a man is able to put in the Enneagram can he hope to understand, whatContinue reading “Group Dynamics & the Enneagram:”