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Arcanum XXI, The World

Esoteric Titles:The Universal GoddessThe Heroic PathThe Womb of the Great MotherThe World In actual fact the Fool re-enters this life through the gateway of the

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Arcanum XX, Judgement

FIRE * RESURRECTION: (North/South) Esoteric Titles:The Children of GodThe Evangelical SpiritLiberation of the Soul Traditionally, the 20th Arcanum is attributed to the element Fire or

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Arcanum XIX, The Sun

SUN BRILLIANCE: (South) Esoteric Titles:Child of the New SunThe Golden PhoenixThe Solar Charioteer The 19th Arcanum is called simply the Sun, however, its significance, like

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Arcanum XVIII, The Moon

PISCES * REFLECTION: (South/Below) Esoteric Titles:The Mirror of the SoulThe Path of NatureThe Bright MotherThe Spiral Flower After the appearance of Arcanum XVII, The Star,

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Arcanum XVII, The Star

AQUARIUS *MEDITATION: (South/Above)Esoteric Titles:The Seven SistersQueen of the Earth & OceansThe Daughters of the Celestial Firmament In ancient times libation vessels, were used to anoint

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