The Month of February

At this rather bleak time of the agricultural year many hedges, gates, walls and fences would be inspected for damage and repaired. The arable fields would be harrowed and land previously sown with root crops would be turned over and in sheltered positions the early peas would be sown in the following month. Sometime beforeContinue reading “The Month of February”

She Loves Me Knot

No doubt as we approach the “cheesy fest of Valentine’s Day” most single people will be looking at the possibility of finding the ideal partner. The field of astrology concerned with the compatibility of marriage partners is called “Synastry” and various aspects of this field have been developed over the years although they have longContinue reading “She Loves Me Knot”

Group Dynamics & the Enneagram:

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff defined the Enneagram as follows:“Speaking in general terms it must be understood that the enneagram is a universal symbol, therefore all knowledge can be contained within the diagram and consequently it can also be interpreted. Only what a man is able to put in the Enneagram can he hope to understand, whatContinue reading “Group Dynamics & the Enneagram:”

The “Dark Lady” & the “Rival Poet”

A lot indeed has already been written regarding the identity of the “Dark Lady” of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, as well as the youth who resists the idea of marriage and reproduction which feature strongly and repeatedly in the 154 iambic pentameters. The other theme strongly evinced is, as will be seen, the idea of Time, theContinue reading “The “Dark Lady” & the “Rival Poet””

“Saturnalia”, the Month of December

“Yeah, Santa Claus is coming to town, tonight!” In writing this series of monthly accounts describing the customs and traditions of the British Isles I had hoped to emphasise the eternal, cyclic nature of time as opposed to the immutable projection of time as a linear illusion. In this sense, like Spike Milligan; “I’m walkingContinue reading ““Saturnalia”, the Month of December”

Sir Francis Bacon versus Edward de Vere:

(An Exercise in Forensic Astrology) In my own personal view within the Shakespeare Authorship Contention there are two leading contestants for the appellation “Swan of Avon”, “Soul of the Age”, or “Star of Poets”; since clearly the bucolic wool merchant and jobbing actor from Stratford-upon-Avon, William Shagsper has been largely dismissed firstly by J. T.Continue reading “Sir Francis Bacon versus Edward de Vere:”

A Literary Genius or Fraud?

Shakespeare’s imagery and vast literary references include the legal and social elements of the Inns of Court, geography, history, war and weaponry, sports and games, classical mythology, drama, the natural world, sea-faring, hunting and falconry, astrology, medicine, art and culture, fashion, gardening and animal husbandry, fencing and fighting, the stage, religion, the occult/magic, paganism, folklore,Continue reading “A Literary Genius or Fraud?”

Who Was William Shakespeare?

Who was the real person behind the pseudonymous William Shakespeare? For well over 200 years well-known literary figures and theatrical commentators have cast serious doubts over the genuine authorship of Shakespeare’s Folio first collated by John Heminges and Henry Condell and finally published by Thomas Thorpe in 1623. Currently, many mundane facts that have beenContinue reading “Who Was William Shakespeare?”